Open Freelance Legal Counsel Position

We're hiring!

At LEXR, we’re redefining the way legal services are provided. We focus on delivering accessible, transparent and price-predictable legal services, for tech, fintech and digital companies.

We believe that legal work can be different – not only for our clients, but also for the legal counsels working with us. As an alternative to the traditional way of working in the legal services industry we provide: A flexible work environment, an outcome-driven mentality, and a culture in which everyone has a voice, regardless of their position.

In addition to having a full-time core team of legal counsels and legal assistants, we’ve also started to provide freelance work opportunities, for those professionals who are as passionate about the law as we are, but don’t want or can’t commit to a full-time job. As a freelance legal counsel, you'll work independently or alongside a full-time LEXR legal counsel. Whether you're taking a break for family or academic reasons, or just want to do some exciting legal work on the side, this could be your opportunity to work on a flexible project-based schedule.

  • Exciting work: We do much more than automating the mundane part of legal. We advise the tech companies of the future, be it in robotics, blockchain, digital marketing, film, AI, big data analytics, or funding. We advise the entrepreneurs and decision makers directly – your advice has an immediate impact on your clients.

  • Competitive pay: We have a highly meritocratic remuneration system and performance is highly rewarded.

  • Location independence: We offer state-of-the art offices in the heart of Zurich, but also a fully digitized work infrastructure to set you free to change your work setting.

  • Training and development: Independence requires mastery of the required skills. To boost your career and ensure highest quality legal advice for our clients, we have initiated the LEXR Academy. Freelancers can also participate in the sessions if they wish. Curriculum: Legal writing & rhetoric, business legal basics, negotiation skills, business 101, sales & marketing, emotional intelligence & conflict resolution, productivity & tech tools, project management & leadership.

What you will get from LEXR

  • Advisor to tech entrepreneurs: Our pricing and business model allow a much closer interaction and collaboration with our clients. You will act as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and decision makers, not only in legal matters but also in general business strategy. In this role, you will provide fast-growing startups and tech companies with the expertise and counsel they need to achieve their vision - from financing rounds and contract negotiations to licensing procedures.

  • Business (wo)man: With your business-focused approach, you will spot growth opportunities, and extend LEXR’s client base through business development activities.

  • Leader: We are a fast-growing team and encourage personal growth by building leadership skills in real-world settings.

  • Expert: You will offer to clients and further develop your core expertise, be it in financial market regulation, venture capital, data protection, IP law, IT contracts, or another field relevant for tech companies.

What you will be doing

  • Fluent German and English: You will be working with both local and international clients, but most matters will pertain to the Swiss market, for which you need fluent German skills.

  • Experience & growth mindset: You have already worked for a number of years as a business lawyer or in-house counsel. In general the main characteristic we're looking for is a growth mindset - someone who has a sense of curiosity, the desire to challenge the status quo and try new things. However, as a freelance counsel, you already need to be able to work independently and therefore need previous work experience.

  • Team spirit: You will be working side by side with clients and team members alike. You are humble, positive, open, and enjoy getting to know what makes people tick.

  • IT affinity: We are 99% digital and constantly test out new tools to improve our work environment and client experience. Proficiency in MS Office is a must, any additional IT skills are a plus.

  • Self-determination: We often work remotely in virtual teams. The freedom to structure your workday requires intrinsic motivation, drive, and the ability to self-manage your time and tasks.

  • Business sense: We are advising businesses and, in order to provide actionable and valuable legal advice to businesses, you need to have at least a basic understanding of business.

What you need to succeed

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of and you believe you can help us transform the way legal services are delivered, then simply apply by sending your CV to